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apple.quarantine shown in web page

I recently downloaded a WordPress site, just to move to a new server and got a lot of crap on every page that looks like this on the page. This is file attributes that Mac add to all downloaded files

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wp-cli online installer

Do you want a one liner to install, chmod and move the wp-cli when you install a new site? Here it is! Just to avoid to copy and paste three or more times to get this working every time. Tripple

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Reset WordPress user password

WordPress has a very good guide for doing this here. But in short it really is this mysql command that does the magic, just replace the prefix wp_ with the one used at your site: Hope this will help you

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WP-rocket aggressive purge

In some cases WP-rocket cache plugin empties all cached files although all you do is update a post or product. Or for me when a customer does a purchase that changes the stock value for a WooCommerce product. What I

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Cleanup session in WooCommerce

There are some pretty simple ways to clear a session with WooCommerce that can be used with code when you need a user to get a brand new session with nothing old getting in the way. Can be used if

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WooCommerce – really slow wc_get_product_class

In my investigation and work to make WooCommerce perform a little bit better i found this little surprise! The little helper wc_get_product_class to print correct class names in the wrapper element in html for me took over 100ms per product.

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WooCommerce zero trimming decimal

I found this little neat thing when messing around with decimals in WooCommerce. Nice of them to provide this little filter! But even better if it was a setting in wp-admin, but until that is added, this is a quite

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