2001-2004 | Linköpings Universitet, Campus Norrköping

Technical manager of the VR-lab in University of LinköpingCampus Norrköping, Sweden. I created the website, responsible for the 10×3 meter large screen with 3 projector, edge-blending driven by a 8(?) CPU Irix supercomputer from SGI. Educating and supporting both staff and students. The VR-lab is now transformed and upgraded to Visualiseringscenter C.

2005-2021 | Hultsfreds kommun

As developer at the Municipality of Hultsfred I was involved in meny different projects and positions. Example of things during my time was:

  • Developing a new Intranet and external web site based on EPiServer built on the Microsoft .NET/C# stack.
  • Responsible for a web developer education at Campus Hultsfred where I was a tutor and also teaching basic PHP on a LAMP stack.
  • Creating a small Makerspace in Hultsfred which gave students and children the possibility to learn new technology. AR/VR, 3D-printing, 3D-modeling and programming was some of the things we showed and learned during that time. The Makerspace is still there in a smaller shape now placed at the Library in Hultsfred.
  • Makerspace also was a co-host together with a local ideal organization to a Summercamp for girls to give education and high-tech inspiration to girls in Sweden.
  • Involved in the creation of a startup company Additivt Teknikcenter i Hultsfred AB. The idea is to give an education in high-tech 3D-printing area to the local companies to develop. The company will provide courses in 3D-printing and modeling.
  • Built the website in WordPress. I also set up 10-15 other small sites for campaigns and other projects, mostly WordPress development.
  • Business developer within IT where I helped with project management, held workshops, process mapping, purchases and more. I also worked with BI where we used Power BI as a report system with Power Query, Python and SQL.
  • The last project was the building of a new Library in Hultsfred where I was the inspiration behind the technology to use. The idea was to create a simple to use environment with screens for multipla purpose in the visitor area. The tech was built with Pixilab Blocks software to set up the light control, screen setup etc. Exciting project with challanges of making a high-tech environment, yet easy to use every day. The library also contain the Swedish Rock Archive, Makerspace, Study spaces, Sound studio and more.

2011 – 2017 | Web111 (entrepreneur)

Personal company where as a web developer, mostly web sites created with WordPress. I’m using DigitalOcean as a Cloud server provider where many of my sites are hosted. I did maintenance of existing sites as-well as building of new sites. I use Divi, Elementor, Avada or other specific theme depending on the website style and purpose. Building own plugins when needed and always do child themes to make adjustments to the site.

2017 – [now] | Jalma Hultsfred AB

2017 me and my wife created a new company together. Malin is an artist and Yoga instructor and I am a web developer. 2021 i quit my day to day job at Hultsfreds kommun and are now running this full time.

I work with development and tech. Mostly programming, and mainly with WordPress. But I’m curios and want to see if there are projects in other areas.

I’m an experienced developer working with HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript and WordPress, but I have also done work with Python, C/C++/C#, Pixilab Blocks, .NET, EPiServer among other things. When creating web sites I use Photoshop and Illustrator for graphics or upgrading old low-res logos.

Other softwares I use or have used are Blender, MS Office (particularly Excel hacks), Power BI and Google Datastudio.

2018 – [now] | Moutife AB

Co-owner and CTO. Created with WordPress and Elementor, custom Print API integrations and more. Using Google Console Platform for the website server environment.


1995 – 1998

Naturvetenskapliga programmet at Stålhagsskolan in Hultsfred (now called Hultsfreds gymnasium)

1998  2001

Linköpings Universitet, Campus Norrköping
Bachelor in computer science with 3D-programming, web developing graphics.


Högskolan i Gävle
Modellering och animation i Open Source-miljö, 7.5hp (Blender)
Modeling and animation in Open Source environment (Blender)


Högskolan i Väst
Bitcoin och blockchain-teknik, tillämpningar och visioner, 4hp
Bitcoin and blockchain technologies, applications and visions


Leadership training – Ledarutveckling över gränserna


2004  2005

Paternity leave full time.

2012  2017

Volonteer gymnastics trainer for Hultsfred Gymnastikklubb.

2017  2018

Treasurer of Hultsfred Gymnastikklubb.

2018  2021

Chairman of the board for Hultsfred Gymnastikklubb.