Author: jonas.hjalmarsson

CSV and HTML search filter for WordPress

This is one of my WordPress plugins (HTML filter and csv-file search) made to add a simple ajax-search in html or in uploaded CSV-file. The plugin has two shortcodes. [ csvsearch ] [ csvsearch ] is performing a search in

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Select2 on existing select-dropdown

I had some issues with using Selct2 on an already existing select where the select attribute was already set. The problem was Select2 didn’t unselect the previously set option. To by-pass that I did this workaround. To use Select2 check

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Elementor Custom Modules

Creating lots of modules in you theme for Elementor? Do you want to skip the step of loading the files and classes manually? I use this code which makes things very handy, just create the php-file with the same name

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